What Is ReadyMic?

ReadyMic Record Screen

ReadyMic is a smart phone app that allows you to turn your Bluetooth headset into a voiceover microphone for shooting videos


When your Bluetooth hands-free headset is the audio input for your live video recordings, the end result is higher sound quality and better overall sound production.

Simplicity of the app makes it quick and easy to tap and immediately start shooting with high quality sound levels.

The results are high quality videos and high quality voiceovers.

This is true because you can hijack the sound cancellation qualities of most Bluetooth headsets.

This means when you use ReadyMic you will benefit from having clear voice-to-video production; especially when you're in a noisy shooting environment!

This is true even if you're standing 30 feet from your smart phone while someone else shoots or if you have your smart phone mounted in a tripod.

ReadyMic even has a count-down timer so you can position yourself in the shot before the video starts recording.

Many Benefits From One Simple Solution



Quality Results:

Ambient noise is reduced! No irritating paper shuffling, coughing, crowd noise or children whining will mar your production quality when filming a presentation from afar.




Incredibly Affordable:

A fraction of the cost of professional equipment – all you need is your smart phone and you can use your existing Bluetooth headset.




Fast and Easy:

Download now, use instantly - no complicated components to understand and set up.




Professional Results:

People will be amazed at how polished your videos look because they sound so good.

User Attributes Screen

And it couldn't be easier…


1) Download The App...

2) Your Bluetooth Device Auto-Sync's...

3) Start Recording!

Video Is Only Half The Story

Don't Let Bad Sound Ruin Good Video