Social Suite Pro
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1 Software = 2 Business Opportunities

Developer's License
Generate another income stream by creating awesome Facebook landing pages for your clients. When they see your pages, everyone is going to be begging you to help them on the way to mega Facebook exposure.

Unlimited Fan Pages
Lift the limits and showcase your pages to the widest possible audience.

50+ Templates
This truly awesome feature lets you move into the widest number of niches and will be a massive asset to you when you create pages for your customers.

Design your Store front
Design your commerce store front from scratch and sell anything using the power of social media.

Autoresponder Settings
We have advanced auto responder settings where in we store the leads for you if you dont have one and it goes into your auto responder if you put in your AR code

Insert RAW HTML code
You also have the option to insert RAW HTML code. This means you can bring your existing HTML templates and sales pages into the system instantly. It's a great add on for more advanced users. This powerful feature is exclusive to the Pro version of Social Suite only.

More Animations
Animations are the best way to get eye balls on your offers. This pro version has got way more animations to keep your offers unique.

Client Management
If you want to give access to your clients for their campaigns you can do this and with this feature you can provide awesome value to your clients

Just think of the awesome pages you can create for yourself and your clients! Christmas is just around the corner - in just 5 minutes from now you could be displaying those spectacular Christmas offers and grabbing your share of the spending frenzy!

Or how about a JV page for those Internet Marketers? Your very own book store? - Even a page to thank your customers and boost your image!

The possibilities are endless AND it's so quick and easy!

50+ Additional Templates

Create A Subscription Based Service
To Generate Monthly Income From
Your Clients

Apart from creating pages for your clients, you can also give your them specific administrative access to manage the tabs in their fan pages.

You can charge your clients a monthly subscription fee to keep using the application if you wish. If they stop paying, you can instantly downgrade the access level of their account. This way you will be able to build a continuous income stream.

You're also able to easily share useful analytics with your clients, such as how many people visited your pages, how many people clicked on your links, etc. This makes it easy for you to modify existing campaigns for your clients.

When your clients see what your premium service can do for their business, they'll want to keep paying for that service month after month!

30+ Additional Animations For Your Pages

This awesome new feature allows you to add several eye-catching animations to your pages banners and images. You can use this feature to draw your visitors' attention to your promotional offers, or highlight your new products whenever they mouse over them. It really adds a professional touch to your store.

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Social Suite Pro

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