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Affiliate Marketing

It doesn’t matter what product, niche or marketing you are promoting the Social Suite will handle it all!


Yes, we know what you’re wondering. Will this work for my Shopify campaigns? The answer is “You bet it will”. Social Suite is the perfect cost-effective solution.

CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is another way to make massive profits online, however you need to have the right landing page set up. This is where Social Suite comes in!

Offline Marketing

Our clients consist of doctors, lawyers, plumbers, realtors etc… If your niche or market needs more leads or conversions then Social Suite is the perfect solution for you!

& Many More

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We combine the power of landing pages with the BENEFITS of Facebook traffic. Facebook rewards traffic that is directed internally WITHIN Facebook with lower advertising costs as well as an elevated level of trust from the visitor within Facebook, INCREASING CONVERSIONS IMMEDIATELY.

Not only that, we also have a special feature that allows you to drive FREE traffic directly to your social landing page from ANY source!

So since Facebook provides rewards and benefits to internal traffic – we thought “why not” and developed “Social Suite”. Yes, it’s a modern twist to increase sales and make more money with ANYTHING you are selling online. Set it up and let it run on auto-pilot in the background!

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  • Wasting time fiddling with code trying to place items
  • Wondering whether your landing page is fully compliant with Facebook’s Terms of Service
  • Being confused if your page isn’t converting

These Testimonials from Our Customers Speak for Themselves

Thank you very much!
Absolutely amazing customer service and help Cheers,


Awesome! Very pleased with the quick response to my questions which were given in detail, thank you very much.

Robert Perrier

Thanks a lot for getting back to me with the clarification, Your help is much appreciated Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Sincerely,


It worked perfect and I really like your app and your customer support goes above and beyond any other support I have found.Thanks again,


Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. You definitely have me as a long term customer.


Good Day! Thank you very much for your email and Support; That all Awesome news i have received ... Thank you very much and looking forward for Starting this Business with you.
Best Regards

Shlomo Silbermann

You’re Getting Access to EVERYTHING You Need to Start Making Money with Social Suite Today!

Lower Ad Costs

Facebook favors traffic that is internal! This results in cheaper ads as well as higher conversions due to the increased trust from selling within Facebook itself.

HTML Export Option

Want to build pages for your website and not specifically Facebook? No problem! Social Suite caters to all marketers.

Brand New Animations

Our beautiful and seamless animations can be applied to any elements on the pages you build.

Integrated Follow Up Sequence Auto-Responder

You have the ability to add follow up emails to customers who opt-in to your email lists – DIRECTLY within Social Suite.
These follow up sequences allow you to schedule marketing emails to go out on any day in any order after they have subscribed to your email list – allowing you to make more sales than ever before.
We’ll send these emails out for you – making Social Suite a real “all-in-one” marketing solution.

25+ Pre-Made “Ready-to-Go” Custom Templates

We have several professionally designed templates ready for you to implement and edit with 1 click. Alternatively you can start a new page from scratch!

In-Depth Analytics

Take your campaigns to the next level with our analytics module! Find out exactly which campaigns are converting for you so you will never have to guess about anything again.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Our drag & drop page builder ensures you’ll never have to code a landing page again. Within a couple clicks, you will have your entire landing page set up and ready to make money.

Add Images & Videos

Add numerous elements to your social landing pages, including but not limited to images and videos!

An Additional WordPress Plugin

Want to easily integrate your pages with your WordPress website? No problem! This plugin helps you do just that!

Countdown Timers

Include countdown timers on your pages for added scarcity and increased conversions!


We make it extremely simple for you to place your retargeting pixels so you can finally retarget your customers with ease – while making more money than ever before. No coding skills required!

Pop-Up Script Feature

Generate a pop-up script from ANY template you create. This allows you to create 100% customized pop ups for your website! Similar services alone cost $197 per year but we’re including it as a free feature with Social Suite.

Premium Support

We pride ourselves on our support we provide. We make it easy to contact our support desk. You can get the help you need on every Page!

Full Knowledge Base

We provide video tutorials so you will never get stuck or second guess any decision you are making while using Social Suite!

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  • You’d have to type up your copy
  • Then you’d have to hire a designer which will take days and cost a fortune.
  • You’d have to hire a developer to convert the design into HTML for your landing page which again takes a few days and costs you money.
  • Then, you would have to use your tech skills and place that html page onto your server without making any changes to the code.
  • There will most probably be errors or corrections which will take another few days.
  • Before you know it, it’s been a week and you are nowhere.
  • Not to mention – you don’t have the option to import your page into Facebook to take advantage of the benefits Facebook provides such as higher conversions and lower ad costs.

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FAQ & Answers

Is there a monthly payment?

No, there are no monthly payments.


Can I create my own templates?

Absolutely. We recommend you do just that. However, we have provided 25+ professionally designed templates to get you started!


Can I add videos to my page?

Yes, you can. Our simple drag & drop interface makes it very easy to add embedded videos.


Can I Add Facebook Comments?

This is something that we have made so much easier than other software. You can connect Facebook comments immediately!


Is it really as easy as you say?

It’s even easier. There is nothing that is complicated. No downloads, no codes, no plugins, no servers, no domains!


Will this work for any marketplace?

It’s fair to say this application will work for any online or offline market that uses Facebook for lead generation or to generate sales.


Can I import in my own images?

Yes you can do this as well. With the click of a button, you can import in your images to be used as headlines, copy, testimonials, etc…


Will you help me?

Inside of your members area you will find a tab that you can click on to get support. We don’t receive a lot of tickets with this software because our knowledge base is so extensive with video tutorials, however we’re here to help regardless. We also have a live Q&A webinar planned to answer your questions!